South of Mexico City

Tour the south side (el sur) of Mexico City like a local, with a local. It’s worth it!
Duration: 5 hrs aprox
Suggested price: $30 USD per person
Weekend: *Saturday is best
Areas include: Coyoacan, UNAM and San Angel
San Angel
Start in San Angel neighborhood, known for it’s old colonial house, rocky streets, Saturday’s Bazar and of course, where Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo once lived and had their studio.
On our way to Coyoacan, we will stop at the National University (World Heritage). This campus is a clear example of the mix of architecture, urbanism and history. It is also home of the 1968 Olympic Stadium.
This neighborhood is where bohemians meet culture. It’s a great place to walk while watching families and couples enjoy a weekend afternoon.
If you like food and are open to trying traditional dishes, snacks or sweets, Coyoacan is one of the best places to do this. Coyoacan (Place of Coyotes) was Frida Kahlo’s neighborhood (Casa Azul). This is where Leon Trotsky was hiding.

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